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Guestbook for Game 3 (5A) - Borah vs. Highland
Jason Duchow(non-registered)
Colleen, you did not leave an email for me to respond, perhaps you will see my response here. With over 30,000 photos to go through from the weekend it can be easy to miss some shots when selecting, I went back through and found a couple of shots of #5 from Highland (correct me if that is not your son) and will be uploading them to the gallery shortly.
Colleen Hansen(non-registered)
Was more than somewhat disappointed in your selection. Took until page 18 to find one of my son, a starter who played 28 minutes of the game. I guess if I'd had a Borah student or cheerleader, I've have found what I was looking for. Maybe Idaho Sports should have 2 photographers cover each game, one for each team.
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